How To Send An Effective Follow-Up Email After A Job Interview

A 3D illustration of multiple candidates being evaluated after a job interview.

Purpose Of Your Follow-Up Email

Send follow-ups for the right reasons after a job interview

The ultimate purpose of your follow-up email is to help you land the job. It's the right thing to do for lots of important reasons...👇

  • It shows you are interested in the position.
  • The follow-up email is a courtesy that shows respect for every individual you meet.
  • It’s your opportunity to demonstrate what you learned in the interview.
  • Your follow-up email is a great time to share what impressed you about the organization and the culture.
  • It’s a perfect time to ask thoughtful questions.
  • It may even be a good time to respectfully share any concerns you may have that you want them to address further.
  • Even if you don’t ultimately get hired, at a minimum, it plants seeds for the future. Because you never know when an opportunity might present itself again within that company. Or with a person you interviewed with, who is now at a new company.

Timing Of Your Follow-Up Email

Send a follow-up sooner rather than later after a job interview

The best rule of thumb as to when to send a follow-up email is the sooner you send it, the better. But, definitely send it within 24 hours. ⏱

If it’s been longer than 24 hours should you still send a follow-up email? Yes, of course. It’s just the right thing to do. ✅

Tone Of Your Follow-Up Email

Formula for getting your job interview follow-up noticed

The tone of your follow-up email should use GRACE. As in the word, grace. But, also using the words that make up the acronym, GRACE...

  • Genuine 💎
  • Reflective 🤔
  • Articulate 💬
  • Curious 🔎
  • Excited ✨

Who To Follow Up With After Interview

Follow up with each interviewer individually

The simplest answer to whom you should send a follow-up email to after your job interview?

Everyone who interviewed you.

And, anyone who helped you (even the admin who got you the coffee).☕

Each email should be sent to each person individually and uniquely personalized to reflect on the interaction you had with that person.

What To Include In Your Follow-Up

Your job interview follow-up is more than just a thank you note

First off, obviously, include a thank you in your follow-up email. 🙏

Beyond that though, share the top reasons you’re excited. Ask questions. Reference any next steps that were discussed.

And, last but not least, include a showstopper–do something different than what everyone else sends–something that gets attention and helps you stand out. 🎉

Follow-Up Email Examples

Below are three follow-up emails examples you could send after a job interview. A bad one. A better one. And a show-stopping one.

Sample Email #1

A bad follow-up email example

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Ingrid Interviewee

First off, sending a group follow-up email is not the right way to do it. It should have been sent to each person individually and uniquely personalized to the recipient. 🛑

Second, it does nothing to demonstrate your GRACE (Genuine, Reflective, Articulate, Curious, and Excited). 🚫


Sample Email #2

A better follow-up email example

Hi Gabe,

The time spent with you and your team today was so enlightening. And I must say that I’m even more excited about the Account Executive position with ACME than I was when I walked into the conference room this morning.

As I heard you say a number of times, Gabe, you’re looking for a hunter in this sales role. And as I shared with you, that’s what I bring to the table.

I look forward to talking with you and your team again to learn more about ACME and the AE position.

Thank you,
Ike Interviewee

Definitely better, right? It's personalized to one person. It demonstrates excitement for the position. It reflects on things that were said in the interview.

It's a good email. 👍

It's just not a show-stopper.

Sample Email #3

A show-stopping follow-up email example

Hi Mandy,

When I left the interview this morning I was excited. But, as I’ve combed through some of the resources you provided and reflected further on Kanga's vision for the future, I’ve become even more intrigued.

The video you shared from your CEO clearly articulated that Kanga is poised to make huge leaps in the coming year (loved the kangaroo reference BTW).

In the same vein, here are three things I’m particularly excited about related to my fit for this position (sticking with the animal theme)…

Mandy, please let me know if there is any additional information I can share with you and your team at this stage that will help you get to know me better.

Thanks again for your time today. I'm hopeful I'll get a chance to be part of building the bold future at Kanga.

Best Regards,
Ian Interviewee

Why is this follow-up email a show-stopper that will get better results than the previous email examples?

  • First and foremost, it's different. The use of the personalized, branded Popr from stands out and will get noticed. 🎉

    Assuming there are multiple people who are interviewing for this job, standing out from the crowd by being unexpected and different is paramount.
  • Second, it's clear that Ian took some real time to craft this message and make it relevant to the company and the person he interviewed with. This clearly isn't a cookie cutter follow-up email. 🔥
  • Lastly, it's evident that Ian is genuinely excited about the potential opportunity at Kanga. Genuine excitement can go a long way. 💜

Things To Do In Addition To Sending A Follow-Up Email After A Job Interview

The follow-up email is critical. Don't skip it. But, here are a few things to do in addition to sending a follow-up email after a job interview....

Use LinkedIn

If you haven't already connected with each person you interviewed with on LinkedIn, now's the time. Send a connection request that's accompanied by a short and sweet personalized message. 📨

If you have already connected on LinkedIn, then a LinkedIn message to thank them again and reference your follow-up email is appropriate.

Send a handwritten thank you note

After you've sent your follow-up email to each person who interviewed you, don't miss the opportunity to drop a thoughtful handwritten thank you note in the mail (as soon as possible after the interview). This, in addition to your show-stopping follow-up email, will make you hard to resist as a candidate! 🤩

Send a second follow-up email

After a week or two go by, hopefully you will have heard something back from your first follow-up email. Or, you will have received some sort of direction in terms of how long until you should expect to hear back.

When that time comes, now's not the time to disappear. 👻

Send another show-stopping follow-up email and let your future employer know you mean business! 🎉