GIF Creation & GIPHY Search Optimization Service

A branded GIF from GIPHY showing multiple close ups of human eyeballs, along with text that says "Get More Eyeballs On Your Brand".

Thousands (maybe even millions) of impressions and views of your brand!

A GIF of Dr Evil putting his pinky to his mouth.

If a ton of impressions and views of your brand sounds appealing, then don’t sleep on the world’s second largest search engine...GIPHY.🤯

Popr’s GIF Creation and GIPHY Search Optimization service makes it easier than ever to start raking in the valuable impressions for your brand on GIPHY.

More impressions and views of your brand means more traffic to your website and social channels and ultimately more customers.

How It Works

Here's how can help your brand get discovered and seen on GIPHY as easy 1-2-3!

Identify Keywords 🔎

We’ll help identify the best keywords to get thousands (maybe millions)* of views of your brand on GIPHY.

GIF Creation 🎨

We’ll create 5 GIFs that match the best keywords we’ve identified.

We'll brand the GIFs (using your logo and/or brand colors) so that people who discover the GIFs on GIPHY (or any of GIPHY’s many partner sites) will be exposed to your brand.

We'll work with you to come up with engaging GIFs that represent your brand using a combination of photos, images, clips, and text.

GIPHY Account 🔑

We’ll help you create your brand’s very own GIPHY account, and help you upload and optimize your GIFs there.

Performance Monitoring 💹

We’ll monitor and update you on the monthly performance of your GIFs. Or, if you prefer, we’ll provide you with training to learn how to monitor the performance yourself on GIPHY.

*We can’t make any guarantees for how many impressions and views you will actually receive on your GIFs, but we’ll try hard to maximize it for you. There are many factors that will affect how searchable your GIFs will be, including competition for keywords.


Here are some example GIFs we've created for own brand that have received thousands of views to date.

A branded GIF showing a man in a cowboy outfit tipping his cap behind a LinkedIn logo.GIF from GIPHY of multiple Popr cups appearing and disappearing.A GIF branded to showing a man slapping himself over and over again transposed with text that says "Stop Pitch Slapping". And then the LinkedIn logo appears.

Our GIPHY account is currently getting over 150,000 views per day.

Pricing 💲

The GIF Creation and GIPHY Search Optimization Service described herein costs $990 USD. Note the limited-time bonus offer below is also included if you order before May 31, 2024.👇

No credit card. No hassle.

Limited Time Bonus Offer
($1500 value)

If your business signs up for the GIF Creation and GIPHY Optimization Service by May 31, 2024, we'll include 5 annual Professional licenses of at no charge so you can easily...

1) Combine one or more GIPHY gifs.🎨

These can be your own branded GIFs or any other GIFs found on GIPHY.

2) Add in custom text and {{merge_tags}}. 💬

To help tell a story to your recipient.

3) Brand to a LinkedIn contact(s) in 1 click.🔥

To wow your contacts!

4) Add a custom branded signature. 😎

A professional way to sign off on your message.

5) Share your Poprs in DMs or emails.📧

Your contacts won't need to click to plays's a GIF!

NOTE you’ll be able to share your licenses with anyone in your organization, with friends, or anyone you choose.

As soon as we receive your order for the GIF Service, we'll email you a coupon code for the 5 free licenses.

You'll need to redeem the coupons for the licenses within 30 days of receiving the coupon code (before it expires).

Total value of the 5 licenses is $1500. Offer expires May 31, 2024.

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